Andre Henry's recording, "Roses While We're Young" is meant to be a reminder of the very few moments that we have left with our loved ones. It's arguably the most intense expression of life, caught in slow motion by this song's lucid lyrics. The Creative School of Thought, uses the rose as a metaphor for the two sides of love - the beauty of its pedals and the pain of it's thorns.
Production Group - Creative School of Thought:
Director - Eric-Shabazz Larkin
Assistant Director - Gabriel Lawrence
Technical Director - Ryan Keyes
Producer - Cali Green
Director of Photography - Cory Hill
Dancers - Anita Lee & Najja Plowden
Stylist - Nandi Alman
Production Assistants - Ashley Larkin & Lauren Gidwitz 
Consultant - Chris Latouche

A few completely different projects:

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