About Shabazz Larkin

About Shabazz Larkin
Shabazz Larkin is an artist and activist interested in creating images of black culture and contemporary spirituality. Shabazz is a multi-disciplinary artist, painting vibrant portraiture on canvas, typographic printing techniques and film. His practice of vandalizing photographs, overwhelming use of color and bold typography, at times feel like visual concepts better suited for the editorial section of Rolling Stone. This technique only veils Larkin’s true intention to explore societal  issues of race, justice and religion. Shabazz is most known for his “Black Magic” collection, a series of portraits that capture the beauty of resilience in black culture. Larkin’s newest work is a reckless abandon into pop-art — he’s begun writing notes from God and placing them around Nashville, TN. Larkin doubles as an advertising creative, working with world’s largest brands, from Pepsi to Sean Combs. He is also a children’s book author, currently illustrating his third book, a guide for navigating the fear of bees. 
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Freelance Creative Director 2013 - Present
Client list: Matter Unlimited, World Vision, Merck for Mothers, Google, YouTube, Lonely Leap, The White House, My Brother's Keeper, Ford Motor, Deleon, Sean Combs, Bad Boy, Revolt TV, Ciroc, Nokia
Matter Unlimited, Permalance Creative Director, 2016
BabdBoy Entertainment / Blue Flame, Permalance Executive Creative Director, 2015
Jay Walter Thompson - New York, Sr. Art Director / ACD, 2010 - 2013
Creature Seattle - Seattle, Art Director, 2008 - 2010
Weiden + Kennedy - Portland, Art Director, 2008
Mother London - London, UK Creative Intern, 2007
CRT/Tanaka - Richmond, Designer & Video Editor, 2004 - 2006
Clients serviced through full-time agencies above: Nike, Macy’s, Smirnoff, Nuun, Bayer, Pepsi, Diageo, Paci co, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Bing, Microsoft, Hotmail, Heineken, UK Anti-Drug Commission, Rolex, Bill Gates
Children’s Book Illustrator and Author 2013 - Present
A Moose Boosh: A few choice words about food 
Farmer Will Allen and The Growing Table
Jump Film & Jump X -
Visual Experience for Suicide and Mental Health Awareness,
Director and Producer - 2013
NAMASTE - Vanguard Nashville
The Sankofa Tree - Monument for the United Nations HQ, 
For the victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Sculpture Artist - New York, NY - 2012
This Is Not An Invitation to Rape Me
Creative Director - UPENN, Philadelphia, PA - 2009
BeautyFro Collection - Art Exhibition & Gallery 
Empire Nights & Seattle Art Walk - Seattle, WA - 2009
VCU Adcenter / Brandcenter, Richmond, VA
Masters in Advertising - Art Direction, 2008
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor's in Mass Communications, 2005
2017 Clio - Health  
Push: A Film about Mothers - Merck for Mothers
2017 Cannes Lion - Bronze - Health  
Push: A Film about Mothers - Merck for Mothers  
2017 Cannes Lion - Bronze - Health  
Push: A Film about Mothers - Merck for Mothers 
2016 Salisbury Sonya Sadler Award  
Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table 
2015 Sustainable Literature Award  
Farmer Will Allen & the Growing Table
2011 World's Funniest Commercials - Gold  
Sierra Mist: Liquid Sunshine
2010 One Show Pencil - Silver - Package Design  
Nuun: Rebrand

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