Be Polite
A Social Experiment gone wrong or very right.
Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol did a prettypopular series of collaborations in the 80’s. It wasanticipated to be one of the greatest bodies of work inhistory. It’s said that Warhol would paint something andBasquiat would paint over it and sometimes urinated on it.I guess they thought irreverent was genius. Isn’t that whatwe love about great art. 

In the end, the critics hated their collaboration. Theypounded it into the ground. The art community turned itsback on it. Leaving us asking the question, “is there a darkside to collaboration?”
We tried that same experiment at Creature. We put up acanvas and started taking turns - putting paint on canvas.We had one rule, “respect what was put before you or don’trespect it at all - There is no middle ground.” 

This is an Experiment I tested out with a few colleagues I was working with in Seattle:

Step 1: The original image was a well crafted, irreverent paintingof a smiley face in the shape of a middle finger. 

This is the result.
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