A Moose Boosh: A Few Choice Words about Food

Where there is food, there will be laughter (and crumbs). In more than 40 exuberant poems and “vandalized” photographs, you’ll meet a city kid who fantasizes about farming on a stoop, a girl with crumpets and crêpes in her head, and a boy with a pet cabbage. “Doctor Food” prescribes good food as medicine and “Dancing Kitchen” will have you shimmying with your skillet. From the amuse-bouche to the very last pea on the plate, A Moose Boosh celebrates food—growing it, making it, slurping it and especially sharing it with loved ones at the dinner table. Bon appétit! Poetry is food for the soul, food is poetry for the tongue.

Chaz and the $100 Apple
On my trip to Seattle I saw a man that was the muse for one of my Poems. It was Chaz from Pike Place Market. He was the kind of guy that could sell you an apple without you even knowing it. He had a way of talking about all his fruit, as if he didn't really want to give them away at all.
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